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2012 NSRC Fund Scholarship Recipients

12 NSRCF Named Scholarship Recipients

Each received a $2,000 scholarship.

Named Scholarships are a very special category of awards that are given in memory of, in honor of, or in tribute to, individuals, groups or events. They are established with a minimum contribution of $20,000.

Hiroko Fujita and Paul Fukami Scholarship
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Hao is Vietnamese and is valedictorian of his graduating class at Edward Bok Technical School. He is an honors student and received the Superintendent's Award for Excellence. Hao has volunteered, tutored and interned in several organizations. He plans to study computer science in college. Hao's goals are to honor his family's hard work and their expectations for him to succeed and to give back to the adults and children in his community. Hao's teachers describe him as "a young talent that defies all expectations," having a remarkable thirst for knowledge. He balances this with an "easy-going and generous nature," often serving as a competent peer tutor.

Michihiko and Bernice Hayashida Scholarship
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Vi is Vietnamese and an Honor Roll student at Central High School, She plans to study pre-medicine and/or pharmacology. Vi has served as Treasurer of the Korean Student Association, participated in many community service projects, and held full- and part-time summer jobs. She credits her hard working mother for her own strong work ethics. Vi wants to give her mother "the life she deserves" because of all the sacrifices she has made. Vi has a strong desire to become a pediatrician and wants to serve children in the Vietnamese community. She feels that her love of children, as well as her language ability,x will support her work. Vi's teachers describe her as an "outstanding student, with a radiant personality. Her determination to succeed has no rest."

Nobu Kumekawa Hibino Scholarship
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Bach is Vietnamese and an honor student at Science Leadership Academy. He and his family arrived in the US in 2008. Bach holds many awards for achievement and plans to study geography, urban studies, architecture and sociology in college. He has been had a wide array of school, community volunteer, and internship experiences. He has been passionate about efforts to focus on rights of fellow Asian immigrant students and his goal is to "fight for a beloved community." Bach's teachers describe him as being "at the forefront of several important movements to end violence and advocate for the rights of immigrants." He was the founder of the Asian Student Association, organizing Asian students with others to work on issues of anti-Asian and anti-immigrant violence in schools. He is "singularly one of the most articulate and theoretically minded students I have taught" and "continues to inspire me and his peers with his work," wrote his teacher

Tama Yoshimura Ishihara Scholarship
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Tien is Vietnamese and attends Northeast Magnet High School. He and his family have lived in the US for six years. He plans to study engineering in college. Tien has been a member of the tennis and wrestling teams, the National Honor Society, and has served as a tutor, conducted research, been a member of an editorial board, and has worked as an intern with the Philadelphia Water Department. He writes about his struggles as he adjusted to a new home, new culture, new language, and how his curiosity, commitment and rigorous work ethic, along with the support of his family and teachers, has helped him succeed. His goal is to go to college then reach out to fellow Vietnamese American students by establishing scholarships to support them. His teachers are in strong support of Tien, calling him an inspiration to them. They cite his ambition and dedication, knowing he will take advantage of every opportunity available as he continues to grow as a student and leader. He is "a brilliant learner who advocates for himself and inspires those around him."

Alice Abe Matsumoto Scholarship
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Van is Vietnamese and attends Central High School. She plans to study nutrition in college. Van has volunteered in a wide variety of literacy initiatives with The Free Library of Philadelphia and a school publication. Van's interest in nutrition comes from personal and family health challenges and inspires her to want to return to her childhood Vietnamese community to encourage and support better health practices. Her teachers describe her ability to thrive in a rigorous academic environment and her dedication to becoming a diversified global citizen.

Hisaye Hamaoka Mochizuki Scholarship
Havertown, Pennsylvania

Tuyen is Vietnamese and attends Haverford High School. She plans to earn degrees in pharmacy and Spanish in college. Tuyen is an honors student, a student leader and has volunteered widely in a variety of school and community organizations. The challenges she and her family faced adjusting to a new culture and language have given her many growth opportunities. Her teachers cite her exceptionally "mature and positive attitude," thriving with personal and academic challenges. She has shouldered significant responsibilities for her family. Tuyen plans to give back to her community utlizing her translation ability and sharing her medical skills.



Koh, Mitsu and Dr. Kotaro Murai Scholarship
Cherry Hill, New Jersey


Elizabeth is Vietnamese and attends Cherry Hill High School West. She is a member of the National Honor Society, holds other school honors and plans to study pharmacology in college. She has also been involved in track and field, cheerleading and the Asian Culture Club. She has volunteered widely in community initiatives and has held several paid positions from a young age. Elizabeth credits her parents for her success beacuse of their support, hard work and value of education. Her goal is to help the Vietnamese community by "focusing on the youth because that's where all the power is coming from." She clearly values her work with her church and her community. Elizabeth's teachers describe her as a "live wire," and a multi-dimensional student with "profound leadership skills."

Kaizo and Shizue Naka Scholarship
Cherry Hill, New Jersey


Nhat is Vietnamese and attends Cherry Hill High School West. He plans to become and aerospace or mechanical engineer. Nhat and his family arrived in the US in 2010. He has placed in several state and corporate science competitions and has participated in his school's National Honor Society, Science Club, Ultimate Frisbee Club, and served as a physics tutor. In addition, he works in service learning and serves as pianist for his church choir. Nhat believes that his difficult transition to his new culture has given him clear purpose to "be the best." He balances family responsibilities with hard work, intellectual curiosity, and a passion for learning. He seeks extra work. Nhat's teachers describe him as a "truly exceptional young man."

Lafayette and Mayme Noda Scholarship
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Minh is Vietnamese and is an Honor Roll student who attends Central High School. She plans to study biology and medicine in college. She arrived in the US in 2004 with her mother and three siblings after years of living in poverty, working to earn tuition money and struggling to recover from dengue fever. She has continued to spend hours caring for her siblings so her mother can work. Minh has been active in the Korean and Asian Student Association, was a member of the JV volleyball team and the track team, and volunteered in many church, hospital and community service and fundraising activities. Her dream is to gain medical skills in order to serve as a missionary in Asia. Minh's teachers cite many examples of how she exceeds their expectations. "In this competitive environment, Minh is a wonderful member, contributing her academic motivation. distinctive personality, and social consciousness to the central community," writes an English teacher


Gladys Ishida Stone Scholarship
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Trang is Vietnamese and attends South Philadelphia High School. She and her family arrived in the US in 2010. She is a member of the National Honor Society, has participated in badminton and has been involved in a wide array of Asian American associations. Trang found her assimilation into a new culture and language as being profoundly challenging and transforming. Her teachers describe her as "one of our strongest youth leaders, deeply committed to social justice, community building and youth leadership development. She is compassionate and courageous" with the ability to lead others in a collaborative manner. Her experiences have led her to travel and to study other cultures. Her goal is to "continue to fight and challenge herself to become better and build a better community for all immigrants in the United States."

Michi Nishiura Weglyn Scholarship
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Andrew is Vietnamese and attends Germantown Friends School. He plans to study English and journalism in college. He and his family worked hard to afford an independent school education because they believe in the value of a rigorous curriculum taught by committed teachers in the context of an equally committed student body. He especially enjoyed writing for and contributing photographs to the school literary magazine and newspaper. Andrew has been committed to giving back, most recently by tutoring 8th graders in his previous school, helping students prepare for high school. Andrew has earned the support and respect of his teachers. they describe him as "brilliant, a powerhouse, one who sets the bar for excellence in a the classroom and a creative tinkerer." His fellow students have recently selected him to fill the highly coveted position of student speaker at their upcoming high school graduation.

Kay Yamashita Scholarship
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Kane is Cambodian and attends Central High School. She plans to study mathematics and psychology in college. Kane is an honors student and is a member of the National Honor Society. She has volunteered and worked in a wide variety of school and community initiatives. Kane has managed significant family responsibilities while focusing on her personal and academic goals. Her teachers describe her as "more than the ideal student," often reaching out to help others. Her sense of"intercultural awareness" is powerful.


Two Philadelphia Scholarship Recipients

Each received a $2000 scholarship.

The Philadelphia Scholarships are special awards funded in 2012 by the generous support of NSRC Fund donors in the Philadelphia area. The Philadelphia Chapter of the Japanese American Citizens League and Yuriko Moriuchi provided major gifts for these awards. Other donors making these awards possible were: Dr. William K. and Theresa Yoshida Sherwin, James and Shigeko Kawano, Arnold and Sandra Kawano, Jamie Kawano, Hirotoshi and Sumie Nishikawa, Herbert and Miiko Horikawa, Teresa Tamura Reid, Vicki Marutani, Mary Toda, and Noriko Shin.

Major funding from the Philadelphia Chapter of the
Japanese American Citizens League
Phlladelphia, Pennsylvania

Lisa is Vietnamese and attends Academy at Palumbo as an honors student. She plans to study political science in college. She is a member of the National Honor Society and her school activities include varsity volleyball and badminton teams, student government, fundraising, and work on a literary magazine. She has served as a tutor with a number of service projects. Lisa experienced challenges of assimilation and believes she has grown because of them. She hopes to "improve educational and political opportunities for the underprivileged in the US and abroad." Lisa's teachers describe her as working tirelessly, with gusto and "she is a model of scholarship and citizenship for her peers."

Major funding from Yuriko Moriuchi
Chester, Pennsylvania

Amy is Cambodian and attends Archbishop Prendergast High School. She plans to become a physician's assistant and is a member of the National Honor Society and has received a number of school honors. Amy works on the school yearbook and newspaper, volunteers at a local hospital, and holds several jobs. Amy feels that her parents; "strict" expectations has helped her to grow. She wants to give back to the Asian community, specifically in the area of pediatrics. Her teachers call her "an exceptional and wonderful student and young woman, with a great ability and generous spirit."


2012 Nisei Student Relocation Commemorative Fund
18 General Scholarship Recipients

The following students received $1,500 scholarships:

South Philadelphia High School
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania





South Philadelphia High School
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania





South Philadelphia High School
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania





NorthEast High School
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania





Central Bucks West High School
Doylestown, Pennsylvania





Masterman School

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania





Central Philadelphia High School
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania





NorthEast High School
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Samuel S. Fels High School
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Mastery Charter Thomas Campus
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Upper Darby High School
Upper Darby, Pennsylvania

Science Leadership Academy
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

South Philadelphia High School
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

NorthEast High School
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The following students received $1000 scholarships:

Central High School
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Central High School
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Conestoga High School
Berwyn, Pennsylvania

Bensalem High School
Trevose, Pennsylvania