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NSRCF Scholarship FAQs

What is the NSRCF Scholarship Program?

The NSRCF Scholarship Program travels to a different area of the U.S. each year, offering scholarships to students in the Southeast Asian community. Since its founding in 1980, it has awarded $808,000 in scholarships to 815 students in 28 cities and regions.

Who can apply for the NSRCF scholarships?

Graduating high school seniors who are planning to continue their education. The student or at least one of the student’s parents must be born in Cambodia, Laos, or Vietnam. The student must live in the city or area in which the scholarships are offered.

What are the amounts of the scholarships?

Fifteen $2,000 Named Scholarships honoring an individual or organization are awarded every year. The amount and number of additional scholarships awarded from the Tribute Funds and Legacy Funds are determined by the NSRCF Local Awards Committee administering the scholarships. 

Where will the scholarships be awarded?

The 2015 scholarships will be in Northern California. Applicants must attend a high school in this area.

Are there restrictions on how the funds are used?

The only requirement is that the funds be used to help further the student’s education.

What are the requirements to receive a scholarship?

All areas of your past and current accomplishments and future needs are considered. They include:

  • academic achievement
  • extra curricular activities, including work
  • financial need
  • education and career goals

How do you apply?

To apply you will be asked to complete or provide the following:

  • two-page application form
  • personal statement in essay format
  • transcript of your grades
  • two letters of reference.

Information on the 2015 scholarship program is available from the Northern California Local Awards Committee.

What is the deadline for applying?

Deadline to apply for the 2015 scholarships is March 15, 2015.

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